First Nations & Native American Tribal Community & Businesses

Thosh collins photographer understand that First nations, native american tribal communities and tribally owned businesses are unique entities with needs that require a very specific sense of understanding. It is part of Thosh Collins's mission statement to provide those communities with a service that will bring their vision to life in a way that is not only AESTHETICALLY pleasing, but in a way that maintains integrity to traditional values. 


Photography services and consulting offered for First Nations/Tribal Communities and Native owned businesses 

  • Language Preservation Through Photography
  • Health & Wellness Photo Campaigns 
  • Tribal & Band Council portraits
  • Annual Reports – Tribal/Corporate/Non-Profit 
  • Culturally Specific Stock Image Production 
  • Culturally Specific Documentation 
  • Historic Occasions 
  • Special Event Photo Booth 
  • Native Youth Empowerment Photography Consulting / Workshop
  • Tribal Employee Photo Training & Consulting